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The CPC Learning Network convenes academics, policymakers, and practitioners to promote innovative research, nurture communities of learning, and build the next generation of researchers and advocates for children and families worldwide.

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As we near the end of 2019, we would like to thank our community, our olleagues, and our partners around the world for a fruitful year of partnership and support in building a healthy and just world for children and families worldwide. We wish you a very happy holiday season and a peaceful and prosperous New Year! To close out 2019 and open 2020, we've created a photo calender of the CPC's Year In Review: click on a photo to discover a "surprise" learning endeavor that we initially shared during that month and see what awaits! Additionally, we would also likeM88.com

Newsletter: November 2019

This month marked the 30th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, the most-signed global treaty in the world. There has been significant progress since that treaty was signed, but we are still so far from a world where children's rights are realized systematically. We must all recommit to the action and practice of children's rights, and that new commitment may take new shapes and forms as forces like the climate crisis and record-breaking levels of forced migration reshape our world and threaten children's futures. Of the many interesting items below, we would like to call your attention...Read More

Newsletter: October 2019

在这个通讯你会发现round-up of CPC news, highlights from the recent work of our faculty affiliates, learning opportunities, and relevant vacancies. On this last day of October, I have the privilege to write to you from Kampala, Uganda, where the AfriChild Centre of Excellence for the Study of the African Child at Makerere University has just completed its annual general meeting. We heard about AfriChild’s busy beehive of activity throughout Uganda, including an innovative program to bolster faculty capacity to undertake child-focused research in seven universities. Another unique program helps practitioners to better evaluate the quality and nature of evidence and then...Read More


AfriChild: The Center for the Study of the African Child and the Care and Protection of Children (CPC) Learning Network are pleased to announce a joint webinar series focused on late-breaking research calling attention to the realities of vulnerable children in Uganda to better inform innovative interventions that protect and advance children’s rights to protection, development, and well-being. In an effort to more meaningfully link global and national-level actors and strengthen the relevance of research, AfriChild’s researchers and Ugandan practitioners, working on the frontlines of child protection, will share the latest research on issues affecting Ugandan children today and showcasem88help亚太官网

CPC Learning Network and LINEA 2018-2019 Joint Webinar Series

In 2018-2019, the Learning Initiative on Norms, Exploitation, and Abuse (LINEA) at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and the Care and Protection of Children (CPC) Learning Network at Columbia Universityjointly hosted a webinar series. The key theme of the series was social norms as they relate to the fields of gender-based violence, violence against children, sexual exploitation and the abuse of children and adolescents. "How can we better understand what norms underlie and sustain such violence and exploitation, and how can we transform them through promoting positive norms for child and adolescent development and well-being? Academics, practitioners, and...Read More

Assessing gender differences in emotional, physical, and sexual violence against adolescents living in the districts of Pikine and Kolda, Senegal

贝尼亚米诺Cislaghi YasmineAnwar, Mohamoudou萨尔,Angelo Miramonti, Courtney Clark, Moussé Bar Faye, Mark Canavera Background Locally representative research and data on violence against children are important to understand the nature and scale of the issue and to inform effective prevention and response programs and policies. In Senegal, few population-level data estimating the prevalence of physical, emotional, or sexual violence against adolescents exist. Objective This study assesses whether the gender of adolescents in two Senegalese districts is associated with having experienced emotional, physical, or sexual violence and whether such associations vary depending on district of residence and poverty status. Participants and setting The sample comprised of 833 adolescents aged 13–18 residing in the...Read More

INSPIRE: Seven strategies for ending violence against children

INSPIRE: Seven strategies for ending violence against children is an evidence-based technical package to support countries in their efforts to prevent and respond to violence against children aged 0-17 years. The package includes the core document describing what the INSPIRE strategies and interventions are; an implementation handbook that provides details on how to implement the interventions, and a set of indicators to measure the uptake of INSPIRE and its impact on levels of violence against children. The strategies will advance efforts to achieve Sustainable Development Goal target 16.2 to end all forms of violence against children. They are based on the...Read More

Recommitting to Child Rights and Child Protection in a Turbulent World

With the 30th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child coming next year, we decided last year to reflect upon where children’s rights are heading in a world that seems increasingly beset with challenges for children, for families, and for communities. We also wanted to revisit the issue of children affected by armed conflict, mobilization around which has served as a motor for the broader child protection agenda for years. We worked with Joachim Theis, who developed The State of International Children's Rights, and Riva Kantowitz, who wrote Children and Armed Conflict: A Field Scan. These documents both synthesis...Read More
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